2014 Annual Report from US Commission on International Religions Freedom

Report found here:

“…Ahmadis contin­ued to be murdered in religiously-motivated attacks. In addition, local police repeatedly forced Ahmadis to remove Qur’anic scripture from mosques and minarets. There also were desecrations of Ahmadi graves…”

“During the reporting period, Ahmadis were effectively dis­enfranchised from voting in the parliamentary elections due to discriminatory laws targeting their faith.”

“Ahmadis are subject to severe legal restrictions, both in the constitution and criminal code, and suffer from officially-sanctioned discrimination. The constitution declares members of the Ahmadi religious commu­nity to be “non-Muslims,” and the penal code makes basic acts of Ahmadi worship and interaction criminal offenses. They also are prevented from voting. During the reporting period, USCIRF continued to receive reports of Ahmadis being charged under the criminal code for their “illegal” religious activities.”

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