I am ashamed by this Ahmadi clause at a university in Lahore

A month ago, I got a very disturbing call at 8pm. One of the best engineering professors at a leading American university told me, in a flabbergasted tone, that something is troubling him and is related to Pakistan.

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Ahmadis attacked in Pakistan

On 20th November, an Ahmadi Muslim owned factory was torched in Jehlum, Pakistan. The day after, a nearby Ahmadi mosque was also attacked and occupied. Police have confirmed that the mob responsible reacted in response to an unconfirmed blasphemy accusation. In response, Intergroup co-Chair Dennis de Jong stated: [...]

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A guide to growing up Ahmadi in Pakistan

Welcome, to the beautiful land of the pure. Here, we are blessed with four wondrous seasons and the geographical features are aplenty. This is a land hard won through the sacrifices of many and now, you too, are a part of this nation of the free. There is only one small hitch. You are Ahmadi, and life will be slightly more difficult for you than it is for the rest of the citizens of this country. [...]

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Mob attacks Ahmadi Muslims in Jhelum, Pakistan

An extremist mob numbering thousands attempted to murder Ahmadi Muslims at a chip-board factory in Jhelum, Pakistan, on Friday. The violence then spread to the nearby town of Kala Gojran, where a second set of rioters ransacked the Ahmadiyya mosque Bait ul Zikr on Saturday. [...]

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Ahmadis disenfranchised again

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has once again been deprived of their fundamental religious freedoms and universal civic rights. For the ongoing local body elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made an addition to their guidelines, instructing registration officers and other staff to enter Ahmadi votes separately in the Initial Electoral List. Through instruction number 12, the ECP has mandated that Ahmadi votes will be entered separately in the register under the notation ‘FOR AHMADIS’. [...]

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Rigging against minorities

PTI might have stretched the electoral rigging accusations to the realm of paranoia – as manifested by Chaudhary Sarwar’s claims during the weekend’s polling – but the party deserves credit for perpetuating the idea of holding the powers-that-be accountable for the most crucial part of a democratic process. This is especially true for a fledgling democracy, in a country where both the civilian and military leaders have historically manifested dictatorial and autocratic tendencies, and never paid heed to electoral equality. [...]

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