Home Office failures are putting this country in danger

Siobhain has led a parliamentary debate today on hate-preachers being allowed into the UK and posing as a threat to religious minorities. She raised has raised this important issue in the wake of the murder of Glasgow shopkeeper, Mr Asad Shah, who was an Ahmadi Muslim. It was the first murder of an Ahmadi on UK soil. [...]

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In a first: Anti-Ahmadiyya advert in mainstream media

The unrelenting nationwide anti-Ahmadiyya campaign took a perturbing turn on Friday with a preeminent body calling for donations to curb Ahmadiyyat worldwide with an advert placed across all editions of a leading Urdu daily. [...]

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Ahmadis arrested in Lombok following village protest

The East Lombok Police criminal investigation division released eight Ahmadiyah followers from Bagik Manis village, East Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara, on Saturday after detaining them for four days for allegedly praying with non-Ahmadis. [...]

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Pakistan TV Hosts Banned After Blasphemy Discussion

Pakistan’s TV regulator banned two TV hosts from appearing on their shows after a discussion about blasphemy and the status of a religious minority sparked controversy. [...]

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Pakistan, no home for Ahmadis

A 50-year-old doctor, belonging to the Ahmadi community, was gunned down in his clinic in the Abul Hasan Ispahani area of Karachi on Monday evening. Reportedly, the murder of Dr Chaudhary Abdul Khaleeq was second such incident in the same vicinity within a month. [...]

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