Muslim group seeks ban on pro-Ahmadi TV channel in Pakistan

LAHORE: Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm E Nubuwwat (AMKTN), a religious body, called for a complete ban on transmission of a pro-Ahmadi satellite TV channel in Pakistan.

The group, known for its hardline views against the minority Ahmadi community, made the demand at an Iftar party held in Lahore on Sunday.

“Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm E Nubuwwat is a joint platform of Muslim Ummah. It will never let anyone abolish blasphemy laws,” a statement by the group said.

The group said that all efforts would be made to protect the blasphemy laws.

It accused MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya), a satellite television channel, of spreading propaganda against Islam and Muslims.

The AMTKN called for the government to ban the transmission of channel in Pakistan.

According to rights groups, Ahmadis have been facing the worst persecution among minority communities in Pakistan.

The Ahmadiyya believe that their sect founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the foretold Mahdi, or Messiah but mainstream Muslims consider their beliefs to be heretic. In 1974 Pakistan amended it’s constitution to declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims, In 1984, Pakistan’s penal code was amended yet again to prohibit Ahmadis from “indirectly or directly posing as a Muslim.”

Ahmadi leaders say that the Pakistan government has done little to curb hate speech against the community under the much-hyped National Action Program (NAP).

It said that some religious groups continue to spread hatred against Ahmadis, resulting in targeted attacks.

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