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16 fully armed policemen and 12 plain clothed officers in three police vehicles forcefully entered the Tahrik Jadid (an administrative body of the Ahmadiyya community overseeing overseas missions, building mosques, and publishing literature and the Holy Quran in various languages) compound in Rabwah. The armed policemen wore masks and forced entry through the main entrance, climbed up the staircase, headed straight to office of Wakalat Isha’at (Directorate of Literature and Publications) on the first floor, and five or six policemen took up positions in various part of the outer compound, ordering workers and other persons in the area to lie on the ground or sit down. It appears the police knew full well where the Publication office was.

Upon entering the Publication office, they stopped all workers from any movement. They entered the office of the Director of Publications, ordered him to accompany them. The Director asked them to show him the warrant first following which they seized his laptop, two mobile phones and some books. In addition, they took away 5 computers, one laptop and a printer. They demanded the identity cards from the workers: Mr Malik Sabahul Zafar and Mr Amir Faheem, both missionaries, and Mr Zahid Mahmood Majeed, a computer typist and the police handcuffed and arrested them. They also checked the identity card of Mr Nasrullah that had been prepared in Gujranwala but did not arrest him. Moreover, they asked about Mr Nafees Ahmad Ateeq, the publisher, and Mr Rashed Mahmud Minhas, manager of the monthly Tahrik Jadid magazine (that is purely for members of the Ahmadiyya community) and were informed that they were not normally there.

Some policemen went to the control room on the roof of the office building that houses CCTV monitors. The police broke the lock to the door and severely beat up Mr Rana Irfan Ahmad a worker on duty in that room. Mr Rana Irfan Ahmad was rushed to the Tahir Hear Institute hospital where he is being treated. During this operation, the police removed the wiring from some cameras in the office and shut them down. 

The police also went to Zia-ul- Islam Press by climbing the walls of the premises. They handcuffed and arrested Mr Idrees Ahmad, an employee of the press and he was also assaulted by them. The officers took various papers, ink, films, diesel and other material from the press and sealed the press before leaving. One policeman also went to the Audit office in the building and seized the auditor’s and other workers’ mobile phones and remarked that he was placing them outside for their collection later. These phones were however retrieved near the fence.

In addition, they seized the mobile phones of workers standing in the outer courtyard and an electricity bill from one of the workers. Similarly, they demanded the identity cards from various workers but returned them after checking. The raid lasted around 30 minutes.

Cases have been filed against the 4 Ahmadis arrested and 5 other members of the community under anti-Ahmadi laws and anti-terrorism laws.

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