Qazi Muhammed Shoban was killed on religious grounds in Lahore, Pakistan.

On 25 June 2018, Mr Qazi Muhammed Shoban was murdered in the area of Nishtar Colony, Lahore on religious grounds. According to local reports, two people wearing masks entered the house of Mr Shoban on the night of 25th June. One of the perpetrators placed a gun to the head of his wife, taking her to the other room where her daughters were. The other perpetrator then fired three bullets in the stomach of Mr Shoban, killing him on the spot.

Mr Shoban leaves behind a wife and three disabled daughters.

Mr Qazi Muhammed Shoban did not have any personal enmity, nor was he involved in any kind of trade dispute.

Mr Shoban joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 15 years ago. In the past few days he had expressed concern to his wife that he was receiving death threats from locals in the area.

This murder is the latest horrific incident in the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan where hundreds have been murdered on grounds of faith.

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