One Year On Innocent Ahmadi Muslims Remain on Death Row under false blasphemy charges.

One year ago Captain Muhammad Safdar (son-in-law of former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif) delivered a speech at the Pakistan National Assembly on 10 October 2017 which encouraged public services to ‘get rid’ of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in every aspect of life.  Capt. Safdar instructed the Judiciary, Armed Forces, the Government and other institutions not to recruit Ahmadi Muslims.  He also encouraged the introduction of an oath within the recruitment process which specifically prohibits Ahmadi Muslims from applying.

Within 24 hours of delivering the speech, three Ahmadi Muslims on trial for alleged breaches of blasphemy law were sentenced to death in Bhoiwaal Village, District Sheikhupura.  Mr. Ehsan Ahmad, Mr. Ghulam Ahmad, and Mr. Mubashir Ahmad were accused of blasphemy trying to protect their local Mosque by taking down posters which declared Ahmadis as infidels and liable to be killed.   The poster also encouraged boycott of Ahmadi Muslims in every sphere of life.

These innocent Ahmadi Muslims have remained behind bars since, awaiting their fate and without visitational rights to see their family members.

It is noteworthy that another member of the  Ahmadiyya Muslim community – 65 year old Mr Khalil Ahmad, was arrested with these three but  in April 2017 he was shot dead whilst in police custody.   No action has been taken by authorities against the murderer.  More than 260 Ahmadi Muslims have been murdered since 1984.

With a new government in place and renewed promises of protecting minorities  we call on the Government of Pakistan to release these 3 innocent Ahmadi Muslims as matter of urgency and to end the injustice that prevails against Ahmadi Muslims and other religious communities.

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