Dozens injured as minority Ahmadis come under attack in Bangladesh

Clashes erupt after days of tension over a planned convention of the religious minority in the town of Ahmadnagar. Sunni Muslim groups demanded the event be cancelled. Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at hundreds of protestors who [...]

Facing persecution at home, Ahmadiyya Muslims find refuge in Manila

The Philippines is home to hundreds of refugees who identify as Ahmadiyya Muslims, a sect of Islam that’s constantly under attack in Muslim-majority countries. Less than 30 of them struggle to make a living in Metro Manila. MANILA, Philippines– [...]

Ofcom fines Derby radio station for ‘abusive’ statements

A community radio station which broadcast “abusive and derogatory” statements has been fined. A presenter on Radio Ikhlas, which is based in Derby, seriously breached the Broadcasting Code during a programme in September 2017, Ofcom said. The media regulator [...]

Ofcom has imposed a £10,000 fine on Radio Ikhlas

Ofcom has imposed a £10,000 fine on Radio Ikhlas Limited for failing to provide adequate protection for listeners. The service – a community radio station which is targeted towards the Asian (primarily Pakistani) community and other smaller ethnic communities [...]

Blasphemy, Assassination, and the Pakistani Diaspora in the UK – The Pale Red Line

European Eye on Radicalization Drawing Lines The United Kingdom has frank official words for foreign hate preachers. They are not welcome and the government will exclude the worst from its shores. Prime Minister David Cameron made this very clear [...]

We Are Still Ignoring Victims Of Anti-Muslim Prejudice

Muslim women overwhelmingly bear the brunt of anti-Muslim attacks, but too often, they are also the target of hatred from other Muslims Last week a group of MPs proposed a definition of Islamophobia. The reaction has been mixed, contested [...]

Rise of the TLP

Khadim Hussain Rizvi addressing a rally in Lahore. The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) won a total of 2.2 million votes in the July 25 polls. This was nearly half of the Islamist vote bank – having doubled the since the [...]

One Year On Innocent Ahmadi Muslims Remain on Death Row under false blasphemy charges.

One year ago Captain Muhammad Safdar (son-in-law of former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif) delivered a speech at the Pakistan National Assembly on 10 October 2017 which encouraged public services to ‘get rid’ of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in every [...]

New PECA amendment bill: Capital punishment for online blasphemy and false accusations of blasphemy proposed

Islamabad: In the light of orders by Islamabad High Court earlier this year, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, MOITT has proposed the incorporation of six new clauses in the 2016 Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, including those related [...]

Pakistani scholars’ statement condemns Atif Mian’s removal over ‘private faith’

Pakistani scholars, professionals and citizens wrote an open statement “to register disappointment at the recent forced resignation of Dr Atif Mian from the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) of Pakistan” and to condemn “a long history of systematic discrimination against Pakistan’s [...]

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