Bleak Outlook for Indonesia’s Long-Persecuted Ahmadiyya

Muslims from the Tzotzil Maya ethnic group take part in Friday (Jummah) prayers, while wearing hijabs made from traditional Maya shawls, inside Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque in San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas state, Mexico, Aug. 11, 2017. [...]

U.S. Statement at the Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan

As delivered by Jesse Bernstein Delegation of the United States of America 28th Session, Geneva, November 13, 2017 Thank you Mr. President. The United States welcomes the Pakistani delegation to the UPR Working Group and recommends that Pakistan: Repeal blasphemy [...]

Universal Periodic Review 28: Pakistan

This UK statement was delivered during the 28th session of the Universal Period Review during the discussion of Pakistan’s Human Rights Record on 13 November 2017. The UK recognises positive steps by Pakistan, including a National Commission for Human Rights, [...]

Pakistani Shia Cleric Warns of Dangers Posed by Baha’is & Ahmadis

Pakistan’s Shia leader has warned the public and the government of the dangers posed by Bahais and Ahmadis. Allama Iqbal Bahishti urged the public and authorities to be watchful of the ‘heretic’ Baha’is & Ahmadis. Allam Iqbal Bahishti is [...]

Islamists rally near Islamabad, demand removal of minister

ISLAMABAD (AP) – More than 3,000 Islamists camped out on the edge of Pakistan’s capital, demanding the removal of the country’s law minister over a recently omitted reference to the Prophet Muhammad in a constitutional bill. The rally began [...]

UPR side-event highlights the ongoing and systematic persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

CAP Liberté de Conscience (13.11.2017) – – On 13 November, the Coordination of Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience, (CAP) held a side event at the Palais des Nations alongside Pakistan’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by the United Nations Human Rights [...]

Pakistani death sentences show blasphemy laws’ threat

WASHINGTON (BP) — The October death sentences for three Pakistani men demonstrate the threat of blasphemy laws in many countries to the life and liberty of Christians and other religious minorities. The judgments for the Pakistanis — all members [...]

Pakistan succumbs to another round of Ahmadiyya-bashing

Community’s exiled leader dismisses hatemongering as diversionary tactic, but consequences of demagoguery are real for country’s most persecuted faith group A young boy battles fatigue during Friday prayers with the exiled Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the spiritual leader of [...]

International parliamentarians release report on religious intolerance in Southeast Asia

The International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religious Belief (IPPFoRB) recently launched a four-part report that looks into the religious challenges in Southeast Asia, namely rise of religious-based intolerance, discrimination against minorities or native peoples, securitization of freedom [...]

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