Indonesia’s Ahmadis: Refugees In Their Own Country

A small building on the edge of a green rice field is the place Syahidin is raising his four children. Facing the area of rice fields the house which is located in Hamlet Ketapang, West Lombok, looks ideal for [...]

Bleak Outlook for Indonesia’s Long-Persecuted Ahmadiyya

Muslims from the Tzotzil Maya ethnic group take part in Friday (Jummah) prayers, while wearing hijabs made from traditional Maya shawls, inside Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque in San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas state, Mexico, Aug. 11, 2017. [...]

Members of Ahmadiyah community file petition to revise blasphemy law in Indonesia’s Constitutional Court

Indonesia’s blasphemy law has been severely criticized by both international and local human rights activists who argue that it has been used to persecute and criminalize numerous minority groups within the vast archipelago nation. One of the groups hit hardest [...]

Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah Push Back Against Discriminatory Laws

Conversion Requirement for National ID Cards Prompts Protest Indonesia’s besieged Ahmadiyah religious community is fighting back. Earlier this week, representatives of the religious minority from Manislor district in West Java’s Kuningan regency filed a formal complaint against a local [...]

Indonesia: Authorities allegedly seal Ahmadiyah mosque in Depok

A week into Ramadhan, authorities of Depok city in West Java reportedly sealed on late Saturday a mosque belonging to an Ahmadiyah congregation, a minority Muslim group that has long been persecuted for its beliefs. Ahmadiyah spokesman Yendra Budiana [...]

Religious Tension in Indonesia – Tolerance No More

Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world and is often described as a country where people live peacefully side by side, tolerating difference. In reality, however, the targeting of religious minorities has been on the increase for [...]

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