USCIRF Condemns Pakistan Sentencing Three Ahmadis to Death for Blasphemy

Press Release: USCIRF Condemns Pakistan Sentencing Three Ahmadis to Death for Blasphemy   USCIRF Condemns Pakistan Sentencing Three Ahmadis to Death for Blasphemy USCIRF Chairman Mark calls blasphemy laws “an assault on human rights and dignity” WASHINGTON, D.C. – [...]

How Pakistan is erasing Ahmadis from their own lands in the name of Allah There are various hadith and narrations of Prophet Muhammad’s actions that challenge most theories that endorse such persecution.

Ahmadi Muslim. The two words I am not allowed to put together if I write for a publication in Pakistan, or speak on national television. Once, it was simply the details of the punishment meted out to Ahmadis for [...]

Can Pakistan continue to afford its hatred for Ahmadis?

Pakistan is in trouble. And a lot of it.   Safdar believes that Ahmadis work against the country’s interest. He takes issue with Quaid-e-Azam University renaming its physics centre after Abdus Salam. And finally, he wants to ban Ahmadis [...]

Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya Paradox: Fighting Extremism While Practicing Takfir

May 12,2014: In the half rural-half industrial town of Sheikhupura four men were arrested by Punjab police . Their crime was tearing down posters filled with hate speech directed at their community plastered outside a shop in their village. The shopkeeper immediately [...]

HRCP decries Safdar’s speech

LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Thursday criticised the speech of [retired] Capt Safdar, a ruling party member of the National Assembly, and termed it discriminatory against a religious minority group. The HRCP issued a statement [...]

Bill passed to restore Khatm-e-Nabuwat laws

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed the Elections (Amendment) Bill 2017 aimed at restoring the word “Oath” instead of “Declaration” in the nomination paper about finality of Prophethood (Khatm-e-Nabuwat) as mentioned in the Elections Bill 2017. Minister [...]

PML-N’s Capt Safdar lashes out against Ahmadis, faces backlash on social media

PML-N leader retired Captain Muhammad Safdar on Tuesday launched into a virulent tirade against Pakistan’s persecuted Ahmadi communitywhile speaking in the National Assembly. He accused the faith group of acting against the country’s interests and called for action against its [...]

PML-N’s Capt Safdar seeks ban on hiring Ahmadis in military and judiciary

ISLAMABAD:  Two major topics were debated extensively in the National Assembly by lawmakers from both sides of aisle on a private members day on Tuesday in a session where three resolutions and a private members bill were also passed. PML-N’s [...]

Minorities Worship Places Under Constant Attack In Pakistan.

Victims urge the state to take effective measures and clear stance to make Pakistan inclusive   By Waqar Hussain Kashif Nawab, 40, is a regular church-goer in Yohanabad, a majority Christian neighborhood in Lahore. However, after a terrorist attack [...]

Pakistani PM Abbasi dodges question on Blasphemy Laws

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi dodged the question on the country’s controversial blasphemy laws while speaking at a session organized by U.S. think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Kenneth Roth of the Human Rights Watch asked Abbasi [...]

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