Ahmadis disenfranchised again

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has once again been deprived of their fundamental religious freedoms and universal civic rights. For the ongoing local body elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made an addition to their guidelines, instructing registration officers and other staff to enter Ahmadi votes separately in the Initial Electoral List. Through instruction number 12, the ECP has mandated that Ahmadi votes will be entered separately in the register under the notation ‘FOR AHMADIS’.

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3 Ahmadis belonging to the same family were attacked in Karachi

According to the details, resident of Gulshan Iqbal Karachi, Saleem Rafaqat along with his 2 nephews were coming back to the home on the car after offering Isha prayers at Ahmadiyya worship place. 2 unknown persons standing near the gate of house opened up fire on them. They were shifted to hospital soon after the attack. 2 bullets hit the shoulder and back bone of Salim Rafaqat respectively. [...]

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Investigating Pakistan’s ‘mobs for hire’

To an outsider, it can often look like mob rule in Pakistan. There are public lynchings and frequent attacks on religious minorities and nobody ever seems to get arrested or go to jail. But running and renting out mobs is also an organised business in the country, where the men organising the mobs insist they are providing a vital public service and anything is available - at the right price. [...]

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The (Non)Free Exercise of Religion

As Pakistan marks National Minorities Day, there are a few glimmers of tolerance in a country rife with religious and sectarian violence. As their nation celebrates National Minorities Day on Tuesday, August 11, many Pakistanis will recall these memorable words: [...]

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Exodus of religious minorities

The Colombo office of the UN refugee agency reported that 1,338 Pakistanis had applied for asylum in 2013. Most of the applicants belonged to the Ahmedi community faced with relentless persecution, religious minorities in Pakistan are often left with no option but to flee to safer regions. [...]

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns sectarian attacks after unprovoked murder of Mr Nauman Najam.

Gunmen have murdered an Ahmadi Muslim because of his beliefs, in Pakistan on Saturday. Mr Nauman Najam, 30, was working at his computer hardware store in the Malir area of Karachi when unknown assailants entered and opened fire. Najam was struck by five bullets and passed away en route to hospital, becoming the 144th Ahmadi […]

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Ahmadi killed

ISLAMABAD: Gunmen in eastern Pakistan shot dead a member of the Ahmadi religious minority on Saturday, an Ahmadi spokesman said, five days after a Muslim leader denounced Ahmadis on a popular Pakistani television talk show. Luqman Ahad Shehzad was shot in the back of the head near Bhiri Shah Rehman village, a small community of […]

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Gunmen kill member of Ahmedi minority sect in eastern Pakistan

ISLAMABAD — A Pakistani police officer says unknown gunmen have shot dead a young man from a targeted religious minority community in eastern Pakistan. Rifaqat Hussain says gunmen killed Luqman Shahzad on Sunday as he walked to an agriculture field near his village in the Gujranwala district of Punjab. A spokesman for the Ahmedi community […]

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Man belonging to minority Ahmadi community shot dead in Pakistan

Lahore: In an alleged “faith driven attack”, a young man belonging to the minority Ahmadi community has been shot dead in Pakistan’s Punjab province. “Lucman Ahad- who was in his 20s- left his house for his agriculture farm on Gujranwala-Hafizabad road yesterday morning, when two unidentified motorcyclists intercepted him and opened fire at him, killing […]

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