Ahmadi Muslim Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack in Pakistan

May God quickly save our country from the acts of such evil persons and groups. It is with great regret that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that yesterday, 3rd September 2010 its Bait-ul-Zikr mosque in Mardan, Pakistan was attacked by two terrorists. One Ahmadi Muslim, Sheikh Amir Raza was martyred during this attack, whilst further […]

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We decide whether you’re Muslim or not

ON MAY 28th, during Friday prayers, two squads of gunmen entered a pair of mosques belonging to the Ahmadis, a minority Islamic sect, in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore. Methodically, they emptied AK-47s into the assembled worshippers, lobbed grenades and exploded suicide vests. Their rampage has claimed 95 lives to date. Our Pakistan correspondent writes […]

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Massacre of Minority Ahmadis

(New York) – Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments should take immediate legal action against Islamist extremist groups responsible for threats and violence against the minority Ahmadiyya religious community, Human Rights Watch said today. On May 28, 2010, extremist Islamist militants attacked two Ahmadiyya mosques in the central Pakistani city of Lahore with guns, grenades, and […]

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Retired Ahmadi Professor Murdered in Lahore, Pakistan

Banners are seen around the area stating that Ahmadis are ‘Wajibul Qatl’ It is with great sadness that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that another member of its community, Retired Professor Muhammad Yusuf (aged 70) was killed earlier today by two masked gunmen in Lahore. At around 7.30am, Professor Yusuf was tending his son’s grocery […]

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Punjab Medical College – rustication of all Ahmadi students

All Ahmadi students expelled from a medical college in Faisalabad PROFESSOR Dr. Asghar Ali Randhawa, Principal of Punjab Medical College rusticated all Ahmadi students, 15 female and 8 male, from the college as well as hostels on June 5, 2008. Four of the female students were in the final year of their studies. As per […]

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Treatment of Ahmadis Who Return

1.   INTRODUCTION “We shall persevere, Insh’a Allah, in our efforts to root out the cancer of Quadianism [the Ahmadiyya movement]” (President Zia Ul-Haq at the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat International Conference in London, 1985; Gualtieri 1989, 36). There are an estimated four million Ahmadis in Pakistan (Amnesty International, AI Index: ASA/33/09/91, 2; Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) […]

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