Jinnah, Rohingyas and Pakistan

Most Muslims in Myanmar are of Bengali descent but they have been living there for centuries. They cannot be thrown out of their homes arbitrarily. 69 years ago today Jinnah the founder of Pakistan passed away. His legacy is [...]

Lahore admin caught NAP-ping as anti-Ahmedi banners displayed across city

LAHORE: Banners inciting religious hatred have been put up in several areas of the provincial capital, singling out Ahmedis and congratulating the entire Muslim community on a day when they were declared “infidels” by parliament, Pakistan Todayhas observed. The banners [...]

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other allies failed to uphold religious freedom – Rex Tillerson

US ALLIES including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain did not uphold principles of religious freedom in 2016, while Islamic State has carried out “genocide” against religious minorities, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said. Secretary Tillerson made the comments at [...]

Britain Pressures Pakistan To Repeal Blasphemy Laws As Pakistan Celebrates Independence From Britain

Twenty-four British politicians pleaded with Pakistan’s leaders to repeal blasphemy laws on the 70th anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain. The British MPs sent a letter to Pakistan’s president and prime minister Monday urging Pakistan to repeal discriminatory [...]

Religious freedom under attack in Pakistan, says United States

“Religious freedom is under attack in Pakistan, where more than two dozen are on death row or serving a life imprisonment for blasphemy,” Rex Tillerson said in his speech as he released the 2016 International Religious Freedom report.  Religious [...]

Pakistan Independence Day: British MPs call for end to blasphemy laws on 70th anniversary

MPs are using the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence to urge its rulers to repeal blasphemy laws and instil religious freedom. In a letter signed by 24 leading British politicians to the country’s President and Prime Minister, they say the [...]

The ‘absent’ schoolteacher of Dulmial

CHAKWAL: When he chose teaching as his profession in 2002, Malik Zahid Hameed never thought that he would end up in such a bizarre situation. But the schoolteacher, who is also an office-bearer of the local chapter of the [...]

Banned outfits in Pakistan operate openly on Facebook

Activity of 41 sectarian, terrorist, anti-state organisations is accessible to every user on the social network. They exist in plain sight, just one search and one click away from any of Pakistan’s 25 million Facebook users. An investigation carried [...]

Pakistan census source of fear and hope for minorities

Marginalised, attacked and frequently hit by blasphemy charges, Pakistan’s religious minorities are hoping the country’s first census since 1998 will be a step towards greater political representation and rights. In the congested Lahore district of Youhanabad, the largest Christian [...]

PAKISTAN: Four Ahmadis gun downed with impunity during the first five months of 2017

In the last 60 days, five Ahmadis, including a woman professor were shot dead. One person was shot and injured in a calculated manner in order to eliminate Ahmadis from the country. For many decades the Ahmadi places of [...]

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