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Incident Report: Ahmadi Muslim Lecturer Murdered by Colleague as Vicious Anti-Ahmadi Hate Campaign in Peshawar Worsens

Ahmadi Muslim Lecturer Murdered by Colleague as Vicious Anti-Ahmadi Hate Campaign in Peshawar Worsens

A 56 year old zoology professor, Naeem Ud Din Khattak was brutally murdered on his way back home from the Superior Science College in Peshawar, Pakistan. Professor Khattak was targeted by a colleague, Professor Farooq Maad and another gunman who ambushed his car whilst driving home. Professor Khattak was shot five times through the car window in broad daylight at around 1.30pm on 5 October. He died at the scene leaving behind his wife and five children.
Prior to his murder, Professor Khattak was subject to an intense witch hunt by local extremists who had identified him as an Ahmadi Muslim and targeted him due to his faith and he was subjected to daily threats of harassment and violence.
Peshawar has been a recent hotbed of anti-Ahmadi violence and this murder reflects a worrying trend of hatred, violent attacks and murder of Ahmadi Muslims in Peshawar:
• 29 July 2020 – Murder
Mr Tahir Ahmad Naseem (a US/Pakistan national), was shot dead in the courthouse having been mistaken to be an Ahmadi Muslim. Though his killer was arrested, National Assembly member Syed Imran Shah pleaded with the National Assembly for the killer’s immediate release and to offer him compensation for his time spent behind bars. This motion was supported by the Mr Asad Qaisar, Speaker of the Assembly.
• 12 August 2020 – Murder:
After receiving threats of violence on social media for his religious beliefs, Mr. Mairaj Ahmad was shot dead in Dabgari, Peshawar.
• 13 August 2020: Glorification of Murder
Dawn TV shares the following tweet during a discussion programme (‘Zara Hat Kay):
“Alhamdolilah (God be praised). Another Qadiani [Ahmadi] killed in Peshawar city. Wait for some more. Do share this post and like my page”.

Similar sentiments have also been aired on other media outlets
• 3 September 2020 – Anti-Ahmadi Programme aired – hosted by Orya Maqbool the programme featured Islamist Minister Ali Muhammad Khan who promote hate agains the Ahmadiyya Muslim community calling it the greatest source of mischief against Islam. Such language readily rouses mobs in the Pakistan.
• 6 September 2020 – Senator speaks in Anti-Ahmadi Rally – Senator Mushtaq A Khan spoke at a Khatme Nabuwwat (an extremist anti-Ahmadi organisation) rally, labelling Ahmadis as ‘Traitors’ and ‘mercenaries of the US’.
• 8 September 2020 – Ahmadi Muslim charged with Blasphemy: A heavily hostile and violent mob of extremist clerics gathered outside the home of an Ahmadi Muslim family in Peshawar falsely accusing a teenager of blasphemy. The family managed to escape their home at 3.00am, but the police faced immense pressure from the extremist clerics who then took action to arrest the Ahmadi Muslim boy without evidence or further investigation. He now faces a potential death sentence for blasphemy.
• 20 September 2020 – Attempted Murder:
Mr Gulzar Ahmad was shot five times at the Dalgra Bazaar in Peshawar. His brother, Mairaj Ahmad was murdered for his faith just five weeks prior to this.
This is extremely worrying, and the police and local authorities and the Government are failing to clamp down on such acts of violence and murder against Ahmadi Muslims.
We urge the Government of Pakistan to:
– investigate the attacks of violence against Ahmadi Muslims in Peshawar
– implement necessary security measures to protect Ahmadi Muslims from further attacks
– arrest those responsible for murder and take steps to bring them to justice
– uphold its obligations under the international human rights framework
Contact: Department for External Affairs Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK

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