Asylum report: inadequate assessment of religion-based claims

Can you name the twelve apostles or when is Pentecost? How many books are in the Bible? Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans? These are some of the questions asked of asylum seekers during their interview with the Home Office as part of their application to stay in the UK. Whilst they may seem reasonable, a new […]

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Ahmadi doctor shot dead in Attock

Two unidentified men reportedly shot and killed an Ahmadi doctor outside his house in Darul Islam Colony in Attock, the local police said. [...]

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The day I declared my best friend kafir just so I could get a passport

If you are a conscientious Pakistani, or if you don’t live under a rock, it is hard to ever forget or ignore the kind of infuriating discrimination and shameful persecution that members of the Ahmadiyya community suffer in our country. [...]

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