Ahmadi Muslims have faced state-sponsored persecution in Pakistan for the past thirty years when it was made a criminal offence for an Ahmadi to call himself a Muslim. These laws have been exploited by extremists resulting in the murder of hundreds of Ahmadi Muslims simply on grounds of faith.

More than 245 Ahmadi Muslims have been murdered in Pakistan since 1984 simply on grounds of faith. We must not stay silent – sign the petition to call for justice for Ahmadi Muslims and other religious communities in Pakistan.

Stop the Persecution of Ahmadis

TO: The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister


30 years ago under General Zia, Pakistan enacted Ordinance XX that made it a criminal offence for an Ahmadi to call himself a Muslim – a ‘crime’ punishable by three years imprisonment. Pakistan subsequently amended its blasphemy laws under which Ahmadis and others could be sentenced to death simply on grounds of faith.

30 years on, these deplorable laws remain in force and have been used repeatedly for the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims, persecution that is sanctioned by the state.

Extremists have used these laws to justify violent attacks and the murder of Ahmadis and hundreds have been killed, tens of thousands forced to flee the country and millions live in fear. Even Ahmadi graves are attacked and bodies exhumed. This is persecution from the cradle to the grave.

Each day countless Ahmadis are denied their basic human rights. They are denied the right to life, the right to worship, the right to dignity after death and the right to vote. 30 years of state sponsored persecution is enough and must come to an end.

We urge you, as a friend of Pakistan, to raise these issues with the Government of Pakistan and urge it to repeal these horrific laws that are used to justify violence and murder against citizens of Pakistan.


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