Ahmadis in Bangka told to convert or leave

An Ahmadi group in Srimenanti, Bangka, has reportedly been discriminated against by the local administration, including being evicted.

Ahmadiya Representative Explains Banishment Chronology

Spokesperson of Jemaat Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI), Yendra Budiana, said that the banishment of Ahmadiya community in Srimenanti village, Bangka Regency, began after the community faced difficulties in obtaining ID cards.

Bangka’s Ahmadiyah followers evicted

Women and children of the Ahmadiyah religious sect in a district in Bangka regency, Bangka Belitung province, were evacuated on Friday evening to save them from the wrath of local residents.

Rights Group Urges Govt to Protect Ahmadis in Bangka

A rights group has urged the Indonesian government to take firm action against local authorities in the Bangka district of Bangka-Belitung Islands province to stop the expulsion of the Ahmadiyah religious minority, and to protect its members.

USCIRF Calls for the Immediate Release of Abdul Shakoor and the Dropping of all Charges

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) strongly condemns the arrest, detention, and sentencing of Abul Shakoor, an 80-year-old optician, for propagating the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith, which is banned in Pakistan.

UK Parliamentary Motion condemns denial of rights for Ahmadis in Indonesia

An Early Day Motion tabled by Margaret Ferrier MP calls for action to uphold freedom of religion for all in Indonesia. This follows the threats made by local authorities to evict Ahmadi Muslims from their homes in Bangka-Belitung.

Plea to release persecuted father

AN ENDEAVOUR Hills man will turn to the Australian Government for help after his 81-year-old Ahmadi Muslim father was imprisoned in Pakistan last month.

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